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10/25/2011Nortex Facebook--Live Status Stream
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8/17/2016 NFL RedZone
 Don't miss a touchdown, get the NFL RedZone channel today!
8/15/2016 September Events
  Don't miss KGAF's Fireworks Spectacular or NTMC's The Sky's the Limit Balloon Spectacular or Sanger Sellabration!
6/23/2016 Enjoy Fireworks with Nortex!
 Valley View Fireworks- Saturday, June 25th- VVHS Football Stadium
KGAF 1580 Firework Spectacular- Sunday, July 3rd- GHS Football Stadium
5/20/2016 FUSF Effective June 1, 2016
 Effective June 1, 2016, you will see the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge appearing on your bill applied to additional items.
3/1/2016 Internet Speed Increases
 It's time for Lightspeed, Cable Modem and DSL customers to get their hands on much faster Internet!
7/15/2015 Time To Plug In Your DTA
5/22/2015 Completed: Cable Upgrades
 The cable upgrade within the Nortex network has been successfully completed! No more Cable TV channel changes! Cable Modem speeds have increased! 
4/9/2015 Big Changes to Nortex TV
3/17/2015 FUSC Rate Increase
3/11/2015 Major Upgrades Are Coming

Across Cooke and Montague County, the demands for Internet service are growing dramatically. In response, Nortex is making major investments to make work and life easier by improving our current network. 

9/16/2014 FUSC Rate Increase
4/29/2014 Nortex drops Viacom Channels
 To control programming costs and stand up to unreasonable rate increases, Nortex has decided to no longer carry such channels as MTV, CMT, Nick, Comedy Central and Spike TV. These channels will be replaced with other comparable options. 
9/19/2013 FUSC Rate Increase
6/5/2013 Phone Rate Increase - Nortex Expands Local Calling Area
4/2/2013 Information for Special Needs and Disabilities
4/2/2013 Lifeline Assistance Information
3/27/2013 COO, Joey Anderson speaks on behalf of the need for continued funding for rural telecommunications companies.
3/15/2013 Bill Pay unavailable Saturday, March 23, 2013
  Bill Pay will be unavailable Saturday, March 23, 2013 beginning at 10:30-11:00 P.M. Pacific Time
3/14/2013 Federal USC Rate Decrease
  Effective April 1, 2013, the amount of the Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) appearing on your bill each month will decrease as a result of a decrease in the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) universal service fund contribution factor from 16.1% to 15.5%. The new FUSC amount is calculated by multiplying the FCC's universal service contribution factor against your interstate access service charges.
9/18/2012 Federal USC Rate Increase
  FUSC Rate will increase from 15.7% to 17.4% on October 2, 2012.
8/31/2012 Nortex is CLOSED for Labor Day
  Nortex will be CLOSED Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day.
7/6/2012 WARNING: DNS Changer Malware could make you lose Internet access on July 9th!
  Is your computer infected? It is estimated that millions of computers in over 100 countries are infected by the DNS Changer malware, and most users don't even know it. The FBI set up a temporary fix, but it is critical you take action before July 9, or you could lose access to the Internet.
7/3/2012 Problem: Rural Call Completion
  Rural consumers are reporting significant problems receiving long distance or wireless calls on their landline telephones. Read for more information...
7/2/2012 Nortex is CLOSED July 4th
  Nortex will be CLOSED Wednesday, July 4th for Indpendence Day!
5/24/2012 Nortex is CLOSED for Memorial Day
  Nortex will be CLOSED Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.
4/16/2012 Nortex goes Google APRIL 17th!
  Nortex will be going LIVE with Google Apps tomorrow late evening-Tuesday, April 17th!
4/4/2012 Easter Business Hours
Nortex Communications and Nortex Technologies will be CLOSED on Friday, April 6th.
Nortex hopes everybody has a Happy and 'Eggs'cellent Easter!
3/30/2012 Nortex is going Google(TM)!
Nortex webmail's host is converting to Google Apps(TM) on late evening, Tuesday, April 17th. The integrated suite of Google Apps(TM) services will greatly benefit our customers.
3/12/2012 Google Apps (TM) COMING SOON to Nortex!
  We are happy to announce that we will be bringing the Google Apps (TM) suite of communication and collaboration tools to our internet customers very soon!
3/6/2012 Solar outages causing Cable TV to "sparkle"
  Please be patient over solar outages that are out of our control.
12/30/2011Changes to Nortex Cable TV lineup

Due to contractual requirements, Nortex has dropped KXTX-Telemundo from its channel lineup.

12/30/2011New Years Day Business Hours
Nortex Communications and Nortex Technologies will be CLOSED on Monday, January 2, 2012.
Nortex hopes everybody has a safe and fun HAPPY NEW YEARS!
12/20/2011Christmas Business Hours
Nortex Communications will be CLOSED on Friday Dec. 23rd
Nortex Communications and Nortex Technologies will be CLOSED on Monday, Dec. 26th.
Click here for complete list of business hours for both locations.
From our family to yours, Nortex wishes you a very Merry Christmas!
12/8/2011 >>SCHOLARSHIPS<<

Nortex is proud members of OPASTCO and NTCA. Through these organizations, Nortex is excited to announce the FRED and FRS Scholarship Program.

12/1/2011 Dial 911 from a LANDLINE!
 Having a landline can actually save your life!
11/22/2011THANKSGIVING Business Hours
Nortex Communications and Nortex Technologies will be CLOSED on Thursday, November 24th. Click here for complete list of business hours for both locations.
Nortex hopes you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
11/14/2011Why choose Nortex Cable TV?
 There are many Cable providers out there wanting take over your TV; however, only one local company gives you the most benefits: Nortex Cable TV.
10/24/2011Samsung Galaxy S II
The newest Android smartphone at Nortex Technologies: the Samsung Galaxy S™II.
Nortex Technologies has a live, full functioning, interactive Samsung Galaxy S™II on display!
 Nortex-Tech is a low cost Internet Support Service offered to safeguard your computer and related equipment.
6/1/2009 Nortex Celebrates 100 Years of Communications Excellence!

Since 1909 when the first call was sent through the switchboard, the company has continued to provide quality communications that enhance the lives of our customers.

9/26/2013 Steam local sporting events LIVE by clicking the link below. (The title on the event will not change, but it is streaming the latest events.)

2/8/2012 "Super Brawl: NFL TV Deals Sacking the Consumer"

Matthew Polka, President and CEO of American Cable Association, released an Op-Ed to stress the negative impact that rising sports programming costs are having on monthly cable and satellite TV bills.

8/23/2011 Save Rural Broadband
 "In February 2011, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that place broadband network investments and operations of rural telecommunications companies at risk, to the detriment of rural consumers and small businesses."
6/27/2011 Broadband Transforms Rural Communities, Internet Group Says
The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) has released an analysis identifying 10 ways that broadband transforms rural communities.



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