Damaging underground utilities is more than inconvenient, especially when the results are loss of service, unwanted fines or, worse, injury. It can also delay finishing work projects depending on the severity of the damage.

Fence work is responsible for more than 30% of damages to underground lines, especially when the work is conducted without having the underground utilities marked first.

A post hole digger can cut telecommunication and electrical lines. A mechanical post hole digger can puncture water and gas pipelines. Some damages have even been caused by hand tools such as a shovel.

You may think that contacting 811 before you begin work is inconvenient or will slow you down. Responding to a damaged underground utility will take longer and could ruin your reputation.

Do your part in keeping Texas safe. It takes a community to ensure safety. We really are all in this together.

Contact 811 two-business days before you begin digging. Now more than ever, every dig counts.

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