We’re on a mission to turn our communities into unstoppable forces of awesomeness! How? By supporting amazing local events, nonprofits, and even your kid’s baseball team.

Community involvement

Nortex Communications is proud to support the communities we serve. Over the course of each year, we spread the love in many different ways, from participating in philanthropic events to sponsoring local non-profit organizations and schools.

To request a donation or sponsorship, contact Nortex Marketing at 940-759-2251 or marketing@nortex.com.

Scholarship opportunities

Our students are our future! Nortex Communications proudly offers various scholarships to support our graduating high school seniors.

Gene H. Fuhrman Memorial Telephone Museum

The Gene H. Fuhrman Memorial Telephone Museum is attached to the Nortex Service Center and is located at 715 East Division Street in Muenster, TX. Founded in 2003, the Museum is dedicated to the beloved Gene, son of Alvin and Gracie Fuhrman who own Nortex Communications.

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